Property Risk

Full-service Property Risk Management Solutions

1. Our Solutions to cover your property risk
Our expertise and experience enables us to create property damage solutions suit the need of your business, whether for specific sites, a number of sites or equipment or against "all risks".

2. Fire Loss
Fire Insurance takes the grief out of loss and damage to your property and keep your dreams alive.

3. Fire Consequential Loss
Fire Consequential Loss insurance covers your losses due to business interruption.

4. Property All Risks
All Risks insurance protects your business assets from fire, accidental damage and theft, and safeguards.

5. Equipment Insurance
Equipment insurance protects your equipment, whilst keeping your business moving.

6. Burgaly
Burglary insurance compensates your business against theft.

7. Money
Money Insurance  safeguards your money, while saving you from sleepless nights.

8. Glass Insurance
The Workmen's Compensation insurance provides coverage to you as an employer in respect of your statutory liabilities under the Workmen’s Compensation Law(s) as well as the Common Law to your employees who are generally not covered by SOCSO.

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